Winter Hiking Tips

With winters so long in Canada, if you don’t get out on the trail during the season, you’re missing out on a lot of hiking time. And with the leaves on the trees gone, you’re also missing out on seeing new views along the trail! When hiking in winter, it’s important to keep in mind … Read more

Cross-country Skiers Out Already!

Did you know there are cross-country ski trails that you can access from the Caledon Hills section of the Bruce Trail? The Hockleycrest Ski Trail Network consists of 14 km of single-track trails, on land belonging to five landowners, including the Bruce Trail Conservancy.  Trails are marked and maintained by one person on a voluntary basis. … Read more

Hiker Tips Help Make Trails Safer

Tips from hikers about the state of the trail are invaluable to helping us make the trails safer for all hikers. Last week, we received a tip about a spot on the trail north of Coolihans Side Road where a large tree had fallen across the trail. Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club volunteer sawyers were able … Read more

Hockley Heights Step-over

When the Town of Mono had loggers thin out some woodlots this summer, we had to re-route part of Hockley Heights Side Trail.  When it re-opened, a new gate made access difficult.  A new step-over was recently installed to keep ATVs out, but make it easier for hikers.   Thank you Fred and Norm! Info … Read more

Vandalism Hits Trail Sign

This photo taken by our volunteer trail workers shows what someone with a cross bow did to an Access sign at the start of the trail on Willoughby Rd. A disturbing bit of vandalism.   Photo Credit:  Joan Richard

Turnbull Side Trail Temporarily Closed

At the request of the landowner, the Turnbull Side Trail is now closed for the hunting season until December 31st. To prevent access from the Laidlaw Side Trail, we have removed the steps on the north side of the stile. We will be able to reinstall the steps following this temporary closure even if there … Read more

Transfer of Palgrave Side Trail to ORTA

On September 15th, Oak Ridges Trail Association (ORTA) held the official opening of its western trailhead and new sign located beside the Bruce Trail a half kilometre south of Coolihans Road.  Several Bruce Trail members attended and shared stories about the transfer of our former Palgrave Side Trail to ORTA. photo credits:  Joan Richard