Nature Hunt Badge

Nature Hunt Badge
Nature Hunt Badge Description .PDF

Nature Hunt Badge

Nature Hunt Badge

This badge is for students experiencing the Bruce Trail.

We have an exciting badge that students can earn by getting out on the trail and looking at nature. This is a badge created by the students from Belfountain Public School.

Criteria for earning the badge:
1. Take a photo of 3 different types of flowers and 3 different types of trees.
2. Identify each of the above.
3. Tell us about the life cycle of one of the plants.

This Youth badge is $7 (for both Family Members and Non- Members).

Bonus: In addition to the above requirements, if you find and take a photo of a Fossil on the trail, then you can receive the Youth badge for $5.

To receive your badge:
Send the above information along with the name of your school to the address noted on the main badge page under “Badge Costs”. (Young at heart adults are also welcomed earn this badge, Cost for adults is $10 for members and $15 for non-members as mentioned on our main badge page under “Badge Costs”).