Why Is It Called the Cam Snell Side Trail?

The Snell Loop Side Trail is named after Cam Snell, an extremely supportive Ministry of Natural Resources employee, in appreciation for his ongoing help and cooperation for new trail building. In the late 1980s, Cam was the superintendent of Earl Rowe Provincial Park and of the Nature Reserves of Hockley Valley and Mono Cliffs. As superintendent, Cam had to ensure that all new trails met the Ministry’s standards. The Club’s Trail director remembered the first inspection of the proposed new trail: “Cam would stop frequently for the first kilometre, asking us direct questions as to how we were going to address any trail issues. Then after that first kilometre, he relaxed; we had proven that we had a respect for the land and would treat it with care and, also, that we had good knowledge of trail design.” As the Club built new side trails, Cam always inspected each and the Club received quick approval.

The Ministry also recognized Cam’s value and, shortly after this Side Trail was opened, promoted him to Superintendent of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. After years of working with Cam in northwestern Ontario, the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists were pleased, but not surprised, to learn of Cam Snell’s earlier support – helping people to experience nature along the Niagara Escarpment.

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