Welcome to the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club

Always striving to:

  • Urgently Protect Land
  • Restore and Care for Niagara Escarpment Land
  • Enhance the Bruce Trail Experience
  • Inspire Generosity
  • Support People and Culture

Bruce Trail Conservancy’s 2030 Strategy

Fun facts:

  • 32 generous landowners kindly share their properties.
  • Hooray for over 200 volunteers. Others are always welcome.
  • As of March 1, 2024, we have 1,096 members.
  • There are just over 72 km of main Trail and close to 40 km of side trails maintained to the BTC’s high standards.
  • 26 BTC Protected Natural Areas are cared for and diligently monitored.
  • The Club’s lifetime donation to the BTC is over $285,000.
  • The Tuesday Hikers’ lifetime donation to the BTC is over $18,000.
  • The Club celebrates it’s 60th Anniversary in 2024.
Native Seed Orchard
World Class Trail Maintenance
Inspiring Generosity
Connecting People With Nature