Hiker Tips Help Make Trails Safer

Tips from hikers about the state of the trail are invaluable to helping us make the trails safer for all hikers.

Last week, we received a tip about a spot on the trail north of Coolihans Side Road where a large tree had fallen across the trail.


Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club volunteer sawyers were able to promptly go out and remove the fallen tree, which was about 2 feet in diameter and hanging only by a thread.

A special thanks to the sawyers, and to the hiker who took the time to alert us!

Photos: | ? Norm Randle

1 thought on “Hiker Tips Help Make Trails Safer”

  1. Many thanks to the sawyers once again for resolving this safety issue so promptly. Volunteers like this are key to the success and safety as we enjoy the Trail. And thanks for the hiker who took the time let us know.


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