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Why I Lead Hikes

By Joan Richard

Mostly it’s for the days when I look out my window and think, I don’t want to go out in that weather.  But since I’m the leader, I have to go.  In fact, most days turn out better and better as the day goes on.  Most days!  And always people show up, eager and happy to be hiking in a group.  I’ve had large groups of 90 plus in our anniversary year, but the norm is between 10 and 30.

More hike leaders are needed.  The greater the variety of hikes, the more choice people will have.  You do not have to lead hikes in someone else’s style.  Be yourself.  If you’ve been hiking with the club for awhile, stretch yourself.  Design a couple of hikes you would enjoy taking and ask our hike coordinator to publish them.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the happy group of people who turn up.  Even sometimes a bit of fauna!  (See the donkey escapee returned by members of our group to its home on Puckering Lane.)


Hike Leader Course

Are you an experienced hiker who would be interested in leading hikes for the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club?  Have you led hikes but have not taken the hike leader course and are interested in increasing your skills or you would like to learn more about handling different hiking situations?

At the Certified Hike Leader course you will be given information on how to plan your hike, how to avoid possible risks associated with hiking and handling different hiking situations as well as techniques along the trail and what a hike leader should carry in his/her backpack.

Contact Caledon’s Hike Coordinator Rob at rojmart5@gmail.com for more information on upcoming sessions.


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