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Hockleycrest Ski Trails: Winter 2023

2023 Trail Map .PDF

2023 Ski Map
2023 Ski Map

Hockleycrest Ski Trails – Winter 2022/23

When winter arrives and snow is covering the landscape, the club’s cross-country ski trail network at Hockleycrest will be open again. When snow conditions permit, the trails will be groomed with a roller, and if there is sufficient snow depth, a track will be set.

There are a few small changes to the trails for this year:

  • Trail #25, which was open for a period of time last winter, has been closed at the request of the property owner.
  • One section of trail #1, Mainline, between #16 and #3, has been designated as one-way southbound; Trail #4, Tornado Alley has been widened and designated one-way northbound.

As we did last year, a short portion of the main Bruce Trail is closed to hikers during the ski season, but is replaced by an alternate route flagged with orange ribbons. This alternate also connects with the snowshoe trail Peter’s Path, which forms a more-or-less rectangular loop around the Hockleycrest property. This trail change has been posted on the BTC website beginning December 1, and continuing until April 1.

Trail users should remember that only the main Bruce Trail (marked with white rectangular blazes), the Hockleycrest and Harmony side trails (marked with blue rectangular blazes) and Peter’s Path (marked with orange ribbons) are open to walkers.

All of the additional trails, which are opened only in winter, are for the exclusive use of XC skiers.


Current trail conditions and grooming status are posted on

Odd numbered routes run predominantly North/South Even numbered routes run predominantly East/West
1.     Mainline [3.6 km]
1a    Mainline one-way uphill [0.2 km] 2.     Gazebo [0.3 km]
3.     Hockleycrest [1.7 km] 4.     Tornado Alley [150m]
5.     Westside Story [1 km] 6.     Central Park [0.4 km]
7.     Around the Pines [0.8 km] 8.     Get Down [80m]
9.     The Pasture [0.7 km] 10.   Field and Forest [0.4 km]
11.   Tamarack [130m] 12.   Southfield [1.0 km]
13.   Harmony [130m] 14.   Logging Trail [0.1 km]
15.   The Lowdown [160m] 16.   Pine Cut [0.2 km]
17.   Northfield Circuit [0.9 km] 18.   Roller Coaster [0.4 km]
19.   Stonehedge [0.3 km] 20.   North Plateau [0.8 km]
21.   The Ash Grove [0.3 km] 22. Plateau Extension [200m]
23.   Black Cherry [0.5 km]