Cross-country Skiing

When winter arrives, the club’s cross-country ski trail network at Hockleycrest will be open again. When snow conditions permit, the trails will be groomed with a roller, and if there is sufficient snow depth, a track will be set.

The Hockleycrest Ski Trail Network consists of 14 km of single-track trails on land belonging to 5 landowners: the Taoist Tai Chi Society, the Bruce Trail Conservancy, the Moule/Cohen family, the Wilson family, and the Coptic Orthodox Church (Mother of God Monastery).

This ski trail network owes its existence to the generosity of these landowners; please respect their property and their privacy.

Trails are marked and maintained by one volunteer. The trails are groomed (packed and track-set) when snow conditions permit, in order to make them safer and more enjoyable for trail users. Every effort is made to ensure trails are cleared and safe; however, we cannot guarantee this. Trees are prone to falling at any time. Do not ski on extremely windy days.


The 22 numbered trails are marked with yellow diamond shaped markers at every trail junction. Please stay on marked ski trails at all times.

As we did last year, a short portion of the main Bruce Trail will be closed to hikers during the ski season, but will be replaced by an alternate route connecting with trails exclusively for snowshoeing. This trail change will be posted on the BTC website when it occurs. Skiers must stay on the designated ski trail; walkers must stay on trails designated for walking.

A portion of the Hockleycrest Trail (#3) is wide enough to accommodate skiers and walkers side by side. Please obey signage indicating which side to use. (e.g. ski right/walk left, or ski left/walk right).

There are a few small changes to the trails for this year:

  • First, a new trail named the Black Cherry trail #23 has been built in the central area. This is an easy trail over relatively flat terrain, through a pine plantation and across a regenerating field containing lots of young cherry trees. The approximate route of this trail is shown on the map in yellow highlighter.
  • Second, the section of Mainline trail #1 at the southeast corner of the network (east of Trail #11), previously restricted to southbound traffic only, has been upgraded so it can now be skied in both directions.
  • Third, the skate skiing trail has been discontinued. This trail was very difficult to maintain, and was only being used by one skier. That young man has gone off to university this year, so he won’t be around to ski on it; consequently we are going to reduce our maintenance effort and concentrate on classic trails only.

Sharing the trails courteously will ensure a safer and more enjoyable outing for everyone.

Do not ski on trail sections marked as “not suitable for skiing”. These sections are still available for walkers and snowshoers.

Some trails are suitable for skiing in one direction only, due to steep hills and/or sharp turns. Please ski in the direction indicated. Skiing the wrong way on a one-way trail could result in serious injury.


Trail and snow condition reports can be found at


You can download a map of the 2018-19 Hockleycrest Ski Trails.

Odd numbered routes run predominantly North/South Even numbered routes run predominantly East/West
1.     Mainline [3.6 km]
1a    Mainline one-way uphill [0.2 km] 2.     Gazebo [0.3 km]
3.     Hockleycrest [1.7 km] 4.     Tornado Alley [150m]
5.     Westside Story [1 km] 6.     Central Park [0.4 km]
7.     Around the Pines [0.8 km] 8.     Get Down [80m]
9.     The Pasture [0.7 km] 10.   Field and Forest [0.4 km]
11.   Tamarack [130m] 12.   Southfield [1.0 km]
13.   Harmony [130m] 14.   Logging Trail [0.1 km]
15.   The Lowdown [160m] 16.   Pine Cut [0.2 km]
17.   Northfield Circuit [0.9 km] 18.   Roller Coaster [0.4 km]
19.   Stonehedge [0.3 km] 20.   North Plateau [0.8 km]
21.   The Ash Grove [0.3 km]
23.   Black Cherry [0.5 km]


Trail and snow condition reports can be found at

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