Club Awards

The Ribbon of Wilderness Award recognizes a volunteer who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club having normally served as a volunteer for a minimum of 10 years. The award is given for an exemplary demonstration of dedication and commitment to the club and to the mission of the Bruce Trail Conservancy. The recipient’s volunteer activities will have enhanced and strengthened the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club. Long serving volunteer Peter Leeney was presented with this award at the event. Peter served on the Caledon Hills Board for in excess of 20 years; he organized the Club End-to-End event for approximately 15 years; he is a long-standing Hike Leader and hikers always enjoy his wry sense of humour and ability to engage with everyone.

2022: Diane McKenzie
2023: Peter Leeney

The Isabel East Award recognizes a volunteer who has demonstrated transparency, excellent
communication and inclusiveness in helping Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club members enjoy their Bruce
Trail activities. The award was presented to Colleen Darrell (left) by Sandra Green (right). Colleen was
the Volunteer Co-ordinator for over 15 years, and now is responsible for designing and issuing badges
and handling the club merchandise. Colleen was also the Trail Maintenance Director for two years and
has always been a willing participant at outreach and other events.

Previous award winners:

2007: Jeanette Cave
2008: Pat Bryant & Fran Chamberlain
2009: Janice McClelland
2010: Tuesday Hiker Group
2011: Greg Huffman
2012: Robert Gillespie
2013: Ray Matsalla & Dave Platt
2014: Joan Richard
2015: Carol Sheppard
2016: Albert McMaster
2017: Kristina Zeromskiene
2018: Marilyn Ross
2019: Louise Carberry
2020: David Lamb
2022: Andree Zeritsch
2023: Colleen Darrell


The Barry Westhouse Award This award recognizes a volunteer who has demonstrated an active involvement in the physical work of trail maintenance and development. The recipient best exemplifies an unsung volunteer commitment to the Bruce Trail. This year the award was presented to Gord Witty who has quietly and capably maintained a section of the trail with a dedication spanning 20 years. Gord takes pride in ensuring the trail section he maintains is in excellent shape and takes note when there will be particularly high demand and ensures the trail is ready for hikers and is a pleasurable path to take. (no picture)

The Caledon Hills Board Awards Sub-Committee thanks all the Members who submitted nominations for the awards. The Club is fortunate to have many, many dedicated volunteers who have devoted years to the organization and trail. The selection is not easy for the Sub-Committee with so many deserving and dedicated individuals. Congratulations to all the Volunteers who received awards and thank you to all the Volunteers who make a difference every day on the trail. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Previous award winners:

2007: Roy Bauman & Sally Smyth
2008: Gary Hall & John Maxwell
2009: Jim Wilker
2010: Charlie Atkinson
2011: Frank Chow
2012: Dave Hull
2013: Norm Randle
2014: Dave Sarginson
2015: Jacques & Karen Martin
2016: David Weiker
2017: Jim Graham
2018: David Lloyd
2019: Jamie Matheson
2020: Joan Richard
2022: Sandra Green
2023: Gord Witty 


Must be a member of CHBTC. The award may be given for an exemplary demonstration of dedication and commitment to the Club. The recipient of this award will have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the club, having served as a volunteer for a minimum of ten years in a variety of roles.

Previous award winners:

2010: Dave Moule
2011: Laurence & Irene Christie
2012: Dave Platt
2013: Barry Westhouse
2014: Carol & John Maxwell
2015: Helen Billing
2016: Jean Kerins
2017: Alan Billing
2018: Janice McClelland
2019: Beth Gilhespy (Beth is the last recipient of this award)


This award is given out to club members who are under the age of 18 that regularly volunteer their time and have demonstrated a willingness to help CHBTC members enjoy club activities.

Previous award winners:

2013: Faeron Darrell
2014: Peter Moule
2015: Alison Moule
2017: Guste Zeromskis
2018: Jenna Nensi


This award was presented to Bill Murray (left) by Gary Hall (right). This award recognizes an individual
who has made a significant contribution to preserving and/or enhancing biodiversity on BTC land
managed in the Caledon Hills section. Bill is very active with the Club and has demonstrated a passion
for restoring and caring for the Niagara Escarpment land. He is a Land Steward, volunteers often to
support events, and has co-hosted numerous educational work parties to help stop the spread of
invasive species.

Previous award winners:
2019: Laurence Christie
2020: Franca De Angelis
2022: Jointly Richard Smythe and Gary Hall
2023: Bill Murray