Biodiversity Hero Badge

Biodiversity Hero Badge
Biodiversity Hero Badge Description .PDF

Biodiversity Hero Badge

Biodiversity Hero Badge

The purpose of the Biodiversity Hero Badge is to reward volunteers who participate in habitat restoration by helping to manage invasive species in the Caledon Hills
section of the Bruce Trail.

In the process of earning this badge, volunteers will:
• Learn how to recognize invasive species, especially Garlic Mustard, European Buckthorn and Dog Strangling Vine.
• Learn about the environmental impact of each invasive species.
• Learn how to properly dispose of each invasive species.
• Learn how to control the spread of invasive species.
• Become knowledgeable enough to spread the word to others and to promote the notion that all hikers need to be stewards of the Bruce Trail.

Criteria for earning the Biodiversity Hero Badge:
Part 1

• If you are interested in earning a Biodiversity Hero Badge, you must first register
in order to receive updates about work party dates and locations.
To register, contact Gary Hall at garyhall at rogers dot com.
Part 2
• Participants must volunteer for one garlic mustard management work party,
during the garlic mustard season from early May to the beginning of June.
Part 3
On a different occasion pull and bag one bag of garlic mustard. Take a selfie
with your accomplishment and post it to the “Biodiversity Facebook” page or e-mail
it to for posting to the Club’s social media accounts.
Participants who complete Part 1 will be given locations to visit and disposal details.
NOTE: If you don’t have access to Facebook and are unable to post photos on social
media, just let Colleen Darrell know that you have completed all requirements.
Part 4
• Participate in one Dog Strangling Vine work party or Buckthorn work party.
Details will be given to volunteers who complete Part 1

To receive your Biodiversity Hero badge:
Send a short description describing that you have completed the criteria for earning the badge along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
Colleen Darrell
Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club
P.O Box 781
Erin, Ontario
N0B 1T0

Biodiversity Hero Badges are free!