Why Is It Called Glacier Valley Side Trail?

The name of this Side Trail refers to the rich geological history of this part of Ontario.

20,000 years ago, this area was covered by the Laurentide Ice Sheet – 1 km thick! The ice was always moving, grinding away at the landscape, creating the ridges and valleys that we see today.

As the climate warmed, starting 12,000 years ago, the ice sheet melted and spruce trees moved in. As a result of rapid post-glacial warming, the boreal forest began to be replaced by a mixed forest of pine, hemlock and beech – the descendants of which you see today.

One of the highlights on the Glacier Valley Side Trail is the large, old maple tree spreading its branches on the edge of this Side Trail – not far from the eastern junction of the Side Trail with the main Bruce Trail. Bruce Trail Conservancy ecologists have identified this maple as older than Canada’s confederation in 1867! Don’t miss the marker for this long-living tree.

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