Put Some Spring Into Your Step

It might have seemed too early to think about our spring hike schedule when it was published a few weeks ago, but with all the rain and warmer temperatures we’ve had, filling the air with the scent of spring, it’s getting a lot easier to think about moving on to the next season!

Our hike schedule this spring is filled with such a variety of hikes that there’s bound to be at least one that piques your interest.

We have long hikes, short hikes; hikes within the Caledon Hills section, and hikes that explore trails outside it.

Are you interested in completing an End-to-End?  You’ve got an opportunity to work on three this spring! You can join Dave & Sally and complete an End-to-End of the Caledon Hills section.  You can also start working on hiking the Dufferin Hi-lands section.  Or, you can join the “walking wounded” on their End-to-End of the Toronto section.

On Sunday April 8th, we have our traditional AGM Hike.  We’re meeting at Caledon Village Place but shuttling out to a mystery location. As an added bonus: joining this hike makes it easy to drop in and enjoy some or all of the events taking place at our Annual General Meeting!

Are you interested in earning a much-coveted Historical Hike Badge?  We introduced this badge in 2017 to celebrate Canada 150, but it was so popular that we’ve ordered more badges, making it possible for you to earn it in 2018.  Join our Historical Hike Badge Blitz and complete the requirements in only 3 hikes.  If you’re like me and not ready for long hikes of over 20 km, Hike #5 is also being offered in a smaller hike.

If you’re looking for something even more leisurely, and that allows you to combine learning with a hike, the Spring Flower Photography hike in Starkey Hill Conservation Area (near Guelph) on May 10th may be what you’re looking for.

Last year we introduced Kids Hikes, and we’re bringing it back on this year’s May long weekend in the Gosling Volunteer Forest.  This is a great way to introduce children under 10 to hiking and nature on the trail.  And looking ahead at our summer hike schedule, on June 2nd, we’re going to have a very special hike: one for Grandparents & Kids.

If you’re looking to combine a little getaway with hiking, our spring Bed & Breakfast Outing might be just the thing. This year, it’s two days of leisurely hiking in the Thames Valley and Avon Valley (St. Mary’s) area on May 8th and 9th (sign up by April 25th).

It’s not too early to start planning your spring hikes, so take a look at our hike schedule and block some time in your calendar to join us on some of these fabulous hikes!

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