Exceptional Contributions

From it’s beginning, the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) has, and continues to, rely on the numerous hours and efforts of many volunteers for its exceptional success.

While every volunteer plays an essential role in supporting the Bruce Trail, some are able to go above-and-beyond, or make great contributions over many years.

The BTC presents a number of awards to recognize the value of volunteer efforts, but did you know that the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club (CHBTC) also has four of its own awards for volunteers?

  1. Isabel East was a founding member of the Bruce Trail who made significant contributions to the Trail. She was involved in the Caledon Hills Club for almost 40 years, and the Isabel East Award was established in 2007.  It is awarded to a CHBTC member who has:
  • Demonstrated the club’s values of transparency, excellent communication, and inclusiveness
  • Clearly helped CHBTC members to enjoy club activities
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm in a particular project, office, or year, or demonstrated enthusiasm over a number of years and/or variety of activities
  1. Barry Westhouse has been a member of the Bruce Trail since 1970. He is “a giant of a man (think Paul Bunyan) who is well known in Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club lore for his size and his trail building abilities.”  The Barry Westhouse Award reflects so much of what Barry has given the club, and was established in 2007.  It is awarded to a CHBTC member who:
  • Has demonstrated active involvement in the physical work of trail development and maintenance
  • Has been a long-standing volunteer committed to trail work
  • Best exemplifies an unsung volunteer commitment to the trail
  1. Ross McLean has made outstanding volunteer contributions in a variety of roles to several Bruce Trail clubs since the late 1970s. He is a “vibrant, dedicated and action-oriented volunteer,” and the Ross McLean Award was established in 2009 to recognize outstanding volunteer service to the club.  It is awarded to a CHBTC member who has:
  • Demonstrated dedication and commitment to the club
  • Served as a club volunteer for a minimum of ten years in a variety of roles
  1. The Junior Appreciation Award is awarded to the CHBTC members who:
  • Are under the age of 18
  • Regularly volunteer their time
  • Have demonstrated a willingness to help CHBTC members enjoy club activities

Nominations Now Open!

Our club awards are presented at the annual CHBTC Volunteer Appreciation Picnic, which will be held in June (stay tuned for more details).  To provide the Awards Committee with sufficient time to determine the recipients for each award, nominations are being accepted until April 15, 2017.

We encourage you to think about the club volunteers you’ve encountered, and to recognize them for their exceptional contributions to the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club.  Thank you for taking the time to nominate them for one of the awards noted above!

Nominations (or questions) should be emailed to Colleen Darrell, Volunteer Co-ordinator (colleen.darrell@gmail.com).

With info from:  ”A Celebration of 50 Years of the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club,1964-2014”


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