2022 Covid Loppet

Once again this year, we are giving XC skiers a chance to earn the Caledon Hills Loppet badge. As we did last year, this will be a do-it-yourself event. The ski outing will be a little longer and more challenging than it was last year.

loppet badge
loppet badge

Here is what XC skiers have to do to get the badge:
• Go to the Hockleycrest ski trails, beginning at km 45.5, at the parking lot on the 5 Side Road of Mono.
• Ski to each of the 4 locations where a “Loppet” sign is displayed, and take a photo of yourself beside the sign
• Send an e-mail, with your 4 selfies attached, to Dave Moule at dmhiker6@gmail.com requesting your badge.
• Dave will look at your photos to confirm you’ve completed the skiing requirements, and will arrange for delivery of the badge; there will be a $20 payment for the badge.

A map of the ski trails can be found under the XC skiing tab on the club website. Maps are also posted at 12 locations on the trails.

Here are the 4 locations where the “Loppet” signs are located:
1. On the gazebo at the north junction of trail #2 and trail #1
2. At the west junction of trails #3 and #6
3. At the north junction of trails #12 and #1
4. At the junction of trails #1 and #22

Skiers may go by whatever route, and take the photos in whatever order they like, but they must go on skis; no walking or snowshoeing please.

The event is open as long as skiable conditions exist on the trails. Up-to-date trail conditions can be found on Dave’s blog at www.hockleycrest.blogspot.com.