2021 Covid Loppet

In the past, when weather and snow conditions co-operated, the club has sometimes held a Loppet – a cross-country ski tour that is held just for the fun of it.

We did not plan to hold a Loppet this year, but since the skiing conditions are good right now at our Hockleycrest ski trails (and it looks like they will stay that way for another week or two) we’ve decided to hold a virtual loppet. This loppet will give you some good, outdoor exercise, and it will be a FUNdraiser for the Caledon Hills Club. PLUS you can earn the right to purchase a very cool retro badge for only $20!

Here’s how it will work. Go to the club website and open the XC skiing tab. Download the ski trail map, either to your phone or print a copy. Then go and ski at Hockleycrest. You can choose the route you want to ski, but you will be required to take a selfie at 3 specified locations on the trails:

· The first is the large sign kiosk at the trailhead on the 5 Sideroad.
· The second is the You-are-here map sign at the junction of trails #1, #1a, and #14.
· The third is the You-are-here map sign at the north junction of trails #3 and #5.

A special Loppet sign will be posted at these three places, so that you know you’re in the right place.

Once you have finished skiing your Loppet, send an e-mail to Dave Moule at dmhiker6@gmail.com with your 3 photos attached.