What’s Your Best Guess?

We’re trying something new on September 25th:  a Prediction Hike Fundraiser.  It’s a hike fundraising event where you compete against yourself and others, but in a way that’s not what you’d expect.

Prediction Hiker

When I hear “hike” and “compete” mentioned together, I’d expect the way to win is to hike faster than everyone else and get to the finish line first.  But that’s not what we’re doing this time.  This time, you’re competing against your ability to predict how long it’s going to take you to hike a certain trail, and to win, you’ve got to guess better than the other hikers.


That’s right, you have to guess how long it’s going to take you to hike a short (7 km) or a long (20 km) section of trail, and then hike it in as close to that time as possible.  And the hiker who comes closest to guessing their actual time in each distance category will win a prize.  Doesn’t sound too hard?  Well, there’s a catch:  you can’t use any technology to help you during the hiking event.

Sounds too hard now?

While it’s a lot more challenging, it’s not impossible!  You already do this when you plan your own hikes or go on an organized one.  Or, at least you do this in a general sense.  Now, you just need to up your game and try and refine your estimating.  Maybe you have an app that can help you plan.  There’s also still time for you to pre-hike the trail before you register.  Whatever way you’re thinking of coming up with your prediction, you’ll need the trail section and distance details, which you can find on our event flyer .  The event trails are located in some beautiful and inspiring parts of the Caledon Hills section of the Bruce Trail:  for those of you choosing the short hike, you’ll pass through the Philip Gosling Nature Reserve, and hikers tackling the long hike will head into the Hockley Valley.

If you checked out the event flyer, I’m sure some really exciting information there caught your eye: all participants will receive a souvenir badge!   You know you’ll be a winner just by participating, and now you’ll actually have a badge to prove it.

Prediction Hike Participant Badge

A hiking event at a glorious time of year with a new twist can only be fun, so why not join us on September 25th?

Follow this link to register:  Prediction Hike Fundraiser – Bruce Trail Conservancy – Hike System.  When you sign up, you’ll need to pick your hike (short or long), make your prediction, and pay the $26 event fee (which includes the event badge, donation, and BTC administration fee).

Got questions?  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Sandy or Sally at info@caledonbrucetrail.org.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to host an in-person event, so hope you can join us!


Worried about COVID safety?  The Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) has COVID-19 Protocols to make your hike event experience safer:

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