Fabulous Fall Hikes

It’s hard to imagine when it’s so hot and humid out, but we’ve just listed our fall hikes!  However, with fall getting us back to school and more hectic timetables, now’s the time to take a look at the hike schedules, pick the ones you want to go on, and get them into your schedule.

If you’re like me and the heat of summer keeps you off the trail, you’ll probably want to ease back into a hiking routine with one of our many Introductory hikes.  If you spent summer on the trail, then you may be more interested in our General and Tuesday hikes.  For a few weeks in the fall, there will be “home” and “away” Tuesday hike options.  On those weeks, you’ll have the choice to hike in either one of the other Bruce Trail sections, or stay closer to home and hike in the Caledon Hills section.

For those of you looking for a longer “away” hiking experience, check out this fall’s B&B outing, taking place in the Sydenham section on October 23rd and 24th.

Closer to home, you can join us on Sunday, October 1st to celebrate Bruce Trail Day at Glen Haffy Conservation Area, where along with other activities including a barbeque, you’ll have seven (yes 7!) hikes to choose from.

Again this year, on Thanksgiving weekend, we’ll be hosting our annual Fall Colours End-to-End – are you up for the challenge this year?  If you’ve been thinking about it, you still have time to work up to the daily distance required!  I’ve been told by someone who’s done it, that you just keep gradually increasing your hiking distance until you reach 25 km (to do a 3-day end-to-end) or 35 km (to do a 2-day end-to-end).


If you’re looking for a hike with a purpose, there are two of those on the fall schedule.  October is a perfect time to enjoy our Fall Colours Photography Hike, and in November, you can work on your Canada 150 Historical Hike Badge by joining us for Hike #2 in the series.

All hike schedules are also available in printable versions from the hike web pages to help you plan for and arrive at your hikes.  Our hike schedules are regularly updated, so don’t forget to check the website for new hikes.  Hope to see you on the trail!


Photo Credits: @some_things13, Gary Hall, Hamish Duthie



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