New Hikes For Beginner and Seasoned Hikers

With spring well underway, the Caledon Hills are buzzing with bees and the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club (CHBTC) is buzzing with lots of activity!  April was jam-packed with our Annual General Meeting, Earth Day Event, and Baton Hikes.

The summer looks like it’s going to be just as full because we’ve got lots of hikes planned, with something that’s sure to interest everyone.

To start with, our summer hikes have been published on the website.  The summer edition of the Caledon Comment (our member newsletter) has, for the first time, published only an abbreviated hike description. The newsletter is instead directing those interested in more details to the website, where we have full details and a printable version of current hikes for each hike type.  New hikes are continually added, so keep checking back!

We also have not one, but three new hike series.

Kids Hikes are hikes where you and your children or grandchildren, aged 4 to 10, can join the trail elf Bruce to learn about hiking and explore the trail.  This series runs from May to September, and will have you saying “Who knew that hiking with a bunch of other kids can be oh so fun!”


50 in the Fiftieth is another new series of hikes that some of our members initiated to mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Bruce Trail.  Their goal is to hike 50 km in each of the nine Bruce Trail sections in only three hikes per section.  What a great idea!  Why not join them?

To mark another anniversary, the 150th of Canadian Confederation, the CHBTC has created a Historical Hike Series and badge.  These hikes will provide you with a chance to learn about the history of the trail in the Caledon Hills section and the areas it passes through.  To make this even more fun, requirements to earn your badge include taking specific photos along the trail. Some of the historical hikes have been added to our hike schedule.  Or, you can get full details on this hike series from our badge webpage, so that you can complete the hikes on your own.

And, speaking of badges, we need to say goodbye to Bloodroot, and hello to Chicory!  So many people have completed End-to-Ends of the Caledon Hills section that we are just about out of Bloodroot badges (the first in our flower series) and are ready to dip into the new supply of Chicory badges.  Earned a Bloodroot?  Why not earn a Chicory by hiking another End-to-End of the section?

One more hike you’ll want to add to your list is a visit to the Forks of the Credit, so that you can check out our trail reroute.  Back in April, our trail team re-blazed part of the Bruce Trail within the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park.  Quarryman’s Side Trail has now become main trail because the viewing platform is closed for the foreseeable future.  The two stubs of the former main trail that went to the viewing platform, from below and above the falls of the cataract have been rebranded as side trails.  The one in the valley is Cataract Side Trail.  The one on the ridge that goes down to the foot of the stairs is Mill Pond Side Trail.

So many hikes to get you out on the trail – hope to see you there this summer!


Our Volunteer Appreciation Picnic is taking place on Sunday, June 4th at St. Francis Centre on Highway 9 (about 1 km east of Airport Road).  Looking forward to seeing you there!


With info from Joan Richard

Photo Credits: Kristina Zeromskiene, David Lloyd

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