Prediction Hike Fundraiser

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Saturday September 25, 2021 *8:30AM to 2:30PM

Registration fee $26.00.

Interested participants must pre-register on the BTC Hike schedule, starting August 4th. When registering, be ready to pay the $26.00 registration fee, choose your hike and record a personal “to-the-second” prediction of how long it will take to complete the hike. The fee includes the event badge, donation, and BTC administration fee.

Complete and earn a badge!

Predictive Hike Badge


Hikers will choose to complete one of two predetermined hikes, a distance of 7 km or 20 km, and upon registration for the event, they will provide organizers with their personal
“to-the-second” prediction of how long it will take to complete the distance on event day. Of course, there’s a catch. NO time, pace, and/or distance technology can be used during the actual event. The hiker in each hike distance category with the closest prediction to his/her actual time will be awarded a fabulous prize. Everyone will receive a spectacular souvenir badge.

Event Day Directions

If you plan to train before the event, park at the BTC Parking Lot on Mono 5 Sideroad, 43.974055, -79.984988. Do not park or hike at the International Centre. Plan your training hike accordingly.

7 km Hike (Heads South)

International Centre Gazebo to km 45.8 approx. 0.15km

MT km 45.8 > 42.9 2.9km

MT 42.9 > 46.6 3.7km

Harmony ST 0.11 km 45.8 > Gazebo approx. 0.15km

Total distance: 7.01 km

20 km Hike (Heads North)

International Centre Gazebo to km 45.8 approx. 0.15km

Harmony ST 0.11km

MT km 46.6 > 56.3 9.7km

Griffith Ravine ST 0.9km

MT km 54.5 > 52.3 2.2km

Glacier Valley ST 0.58km

MT km 51.6 > 48.3 3.3km

Hockleycrest ST 1.6km

MT km 47.1 > 45.8 1.3km

km 45.8 to Gazebo 0.15km

Total distance: 19.88 km

From the gazebo head to the main Trail. Turn right onto the main Trail and continue across 5 Sideroad and 7th Line to the hiker’s rest bench at the lookout (km 42.9). Retrace your steps along the main Trail back to the second entrance to Harmony ST. Take this short side trail to the end. Turn right and continue to the gazebo.


Contact event coordinators, Sally and Sandy at info at caledonbrucetrail dot org with any additional questions.

Click here for full details PDF document.