Trail Changes

The 29th Edition (published in 2017) of the Bruce Trail Reference Map & Trail Guide is the definitive resource for exploring the Bruce Trail. It is your key to a safe and enjoyable time on the Trail.

Any changes to the Trail since the publication of this edition are available on the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) website.  Please check for updates before you hike!

Note for Bruce Trail App users:  if you are using the BT app as your guide, you need to open it in a location that has WiFi in order to download the latest trail changes.


Please note that Credit Valley Conservation may close their parks due to inclement weather. Please be sure to check their “Park Conditions” webpage before heading out to Terra Cotta Conservation Area, Belfountain Conservation Area, Ken Whillans Resource Management Area, and/or Cheltenham Badlands.



JUNE 2019:  ANNOUNCING OUR NEW Vineyard View Side Trail!  This 110m dead end trail leads up a hill to a viewpoint overlooking the vineyards of the Adamo Estate Winery.  A map is available on the BTC website.


MAY 2019:  Roadside parking is NO LONGER permitted on the east side of Creditview Rd, near the Trail access into the Badlands.


DECEMBER 2018:  The Hockley Heights Side Trail has been reopened.  It was temporarily closed on 15th Sideroad between 3rd Line and 4th Line due to the replacement of a bridge.


OCTOBER 2018:   A reminder that the Turnbull Side Trail is closed for hunting from October 1 to December 31, 2018 at the request of the landowner.  A trail closure notice has been posted at the trail access.  Please obey the landowners wishes.  Trespassing will not be tolerated.


SEPTEMBER 24, 2018:  The Bruce Trail has been rerouted back through the Cheltenham Badlands.  The parking area and Badlands Trail are now maintained by Credit Valley Conservation and provide access to a wheelchair accessible platform which offers views of this significant landmark.  A 230 m roadside walkway leads from the viewing platform to the parking area. A flat rate parking fee of $10 is charged.  Roadside parking is available on the east side of Creditview Rd, near the Trail access into the Badlands. Parking is limited to three cars.  A map and more details are available on the BTC website.


APRIL 30, 2018:   We have re-opened the main trail in the Hockley Valley Nature Reserve in the valley with the three bridges now that the ice jams have cleared.


DECEMBER 2017:  Seasonal closure of part of the main trail at Hockleycrest for skiing.  An alternate route for walkers has been opened for the winter.   A map and more details are available on the BTC website.


APRIL 2017:  Several trail reroutes have been made at Forks of the Credit.  As a result of the viewing platform having been closed and impassable in May 2015, two dead end side trails (Mill Pond and Cataract) have been created. Each side trail terminates at either side of the viewing platform.  In addition, the former Quarryman’s Side Trail has now become the main Bruce Trail.  A map and more details are available on the BTC website.


JANUARY 2017:   The McLaren Road Side Trail has recently re-opened!  It was closed over the past year to allow the Town of Caledon to replace the McLaren Road bridge and extend the guardrail adjacent to it, making this 90 degree turn safer for vehicles and pedestrians alike.  We appreciate your patience during this temporary closure!



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