Trail Changes

The 30th Edition (published in 2017) of the Bruce Trail Reference Map & Trail Guide is the definitive resource for exploring the Bruce Trail. It is your key to a safe and enjoyable time on the Trail.

Any changes to the Trail since the publication of this edition are available on the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) website.  Please check for updates before you hike!

Note for Bruce Trail App users:  if you are using the BT app as your guide, you need to open it in a location that has WiFi in order to download the latest trail changes.


Please note that Credit Valley Conservation may close their parks due to inclement weather. Please be sure to check their “Park Conditions” webpage before heading out to Terra Cotta Conservation Area, Belfountain Conservation Area, Ken Whillans Resource Management Area, and/or Cheltenham Badlands.


June 29/2021 The Town of Mono is re-building the bridge on the 2nd line this summer. Starting this week, the bridge will be closed; likely to both vehicles and pedestrians. That cuts the main trail off. It will be closed for approx. 3 months although, it could be longer.

On the main trail going north, where it hits the 3rd line and then proceeds into the Hockley Resort property, we will have to re-route north along the 3rd line (down the hill) then west along Hockley Road to re-join main trail at the 2nd line (Hockley Nature Reserve). This re-route was done once before.

Rerouting of trail