Student Hiking

A Field Trip Idea for Teachers!

Introducing the Next Generation to the Trail 2014Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club will help you get students out into nature!  Any teacher in this area  interested in a class outing on the Bruce Trail can contact us for more information.

Our purpose with this initiative is to connect school-aged children with the Bruce Trail Conservancy to ensure that in the future, people will be involved with the trail in their area.

We will meet with the teacher to plan the outing, provide an orientation class with the students, review the history of the trail and outline what to expect during the hike day.  We have a slide show presentation which illustrates the many outstanding features of the Bruce Trail from Niagara to Tobermory.  In the spring or fall our club will provide hike leaders and transportation costs for a hike.

Teachers will determine what goals are appropriate for the students depending on their curriculum.  Students can earn a badge specifically designed for them by students from Belfountain Public School.  To find out more about this opportunity, please contact Elizabeth Ganong at


The St. Joseph Morrow Park Outdoor Ed Club (led by Shannon Mullen, Teacher) was introduced to the Bruce Trail on April 30, 2019 as part of our Student Hiking Program. Thanks to hike leaders, Annette Patrick and Lynn McFerran, for “an amazing day of hiking” as noted by Shannon reflecting on the experience for her mostly Grades 10 and 11 students.

Several pictures (and we have permission to post them on our website) …