Tuesday Hikes

The Tuesday Hikers have been active in the spring and fall since 1986. Now there are Tuesday hikes year round. As the name suggests, we meet at various locations on Tuesdays.

The Tuesday Hikers have neither speed nor distance as their objective. Most of the hikes are under 12 km in length and the pace is around 3 km/hour. We enjoy exercise, fresh air, conversation and the scenery. We frequently enjoy an optional refreshment stop after the hike.

There is a voluntary collection of a loonie or toonie at each hike which is sent to the Bruce Trail Conservancy to support the Trail.

Details of the Tuesday hikes are published in the quarterly newsletter, the Caledon Comment, available to members, and are on this website. Weekly reminders are also sent by way of a email list. To have your name put on the Tuesday Hikers email list, or to receive further information, contact info@caledonbrucetrail.org .

See our on-line list of Scheduled Hikes (or access our printable version) (Updated for Spring 2020!)

What’s a Tuesday Hiker? By Joan Richard

When I first joined the Caledon Club about a two years ago, I started to hear stories about the Tuesday hiking program that had existed for quite a few years.

One of the features of the Tuesday hikers was their collection each week for a donation to the Bruce Trail Conservancy. For their generosity, and for their longevity, the Tuesday hikers were awarded the Isabel East Award last June by the Caledon Club.

But there’s more. Rather than a group resting on its laurels for successful hikes and fundraising in the past, the Tuesday group has forged on to new adventures, seeking out new members and new trails.

This September the group could be found in the Beaver Valley, where about 20 stalwart hikers explored the Duncan Crevice Caves Provincial Nature Reserve and Metcalfe Crevice. They even had the excitement of quickly and quietly walking through a field containing a bull and many loudly mooing cows. Fortunately, the bull was pretending not to notice us.

Another day, in spite of the best efforts of the Tuesday coordinator, Marilyn Ross and the leader of the day, Roger Broadwell, to encourage people to postpone, 14 hikers set out on a piece of the end-to-end in a drizzle, which turned to a deluge, and it basically rained all day. The only other hikers we saw out that day was an even larger group from the Dufferin Hi-Lands Club. It was a very wet but still cheerful bunch who gratefully arrived at their cars. My boots took days to dry.

So if you are looking for a weekday hike, you will find a welcome with the Tuesday group. Although they have been around for a long time, they are open to new ideas, new members and new adventures. Take a look at the schedule and consider coming out.

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