End-to-End Hikes

An End-to-End for a hiker of the Bruce Trail is the completion of the entire main trail on foot, after which you’ll have earned a badge to proudly announce to all that you did this!  You can also complete shorter End-to-Ends of the Bruce Trail, where you hike all of the main trail in any of the nine club sections.

Each club typically runs an annual event to hike their entire section of the trail over one or several weekends, depending on how long the section is.  In Caledon Hills, our section is about 72 km long and our annual event has you experiencing spectacular fall colours over the Thanksgiving weekend, with two- and three-day hiking options.

But the annual event isn’t the only time you’ll find organized hikes for completing an End-to-End in a section.  Current End-to-End hikes are listed below.

Completing an End-to-End on the Thanksgiving weekend, or over several hikes throughout the year (either on your own or as part of an organized club hike), will earn you a badge.


Annual End-to-End

Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club’s Annual End-to-End of the section 
October 12, 13, & 14 Thanksgiving Weekend (2019)
Details of this year’s event can be found on our event flyer and FAQs.


Scheduled End-to-End Hikes

There are currently no end-to-end hikes scheduled.

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