End-to-End Hikes

An End-to-End for a hiker of the Bruce Trail is the completion of the entire main trail on foot, after which you’ll have earned a badge to proudly announce to all that you did this!  You can also complete shorter End-to-Ends of the Bruce Trail, where you hike all of the main trail in any of the nine club sections.

Each club typically runs an annual event to hike their entire section of the trail over one or several weekends, depending on how long the section is.  In Caledon Hills, our section is about 72 km long and our annual event has you experiencing spectacular fall colours over the Thanksgiving weekend, with two- and three-day hiking options.

But the annual event isn’t the only time you’ll find organized hikes for completing an End-to-End in a section.  Current End-to-End hikes are listed below.

Completing an End-to-End on the Thanksgiving weekend, or over several hikes throughout the year (either on your own or as part of an organized club hike), will earn you a badge.


Annual End-to-End

Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club’s Annual End-to-End of the section
October 6, 7, 8 Thanksgiving Weekend (2018)
Details of this year’s event can be found on our event flyer and FAQs, or below.


The Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club invites you to join us for our annual “Fall Colours” End-to-End hike on the Thanksgiving weekend.

Plan now to participate in one of the most enjoyable and challenging hiking experiences of the year, a 70.2 km hike through the spectacular fall colours of the Caledon Hills. You can complete the 70.2 km distance over all three days of the weekend or the same distance over Saturday and Sunday. The cost of the End-to-End is $25.00 for the three-day event, $20.00 for the two-day event, or $10.00 for a single day. This fee covers daily bus transportation, refreshments, and the End-to-End badge on completion. Payment can be made by cheque or Interac e-Transfer. For further registration details, email Sandy Green, sgreenhikes@gmail.com.


  • Are these hikes the same as a regular hike on the Bruce Trail?

These end-to-end hikes differ from regular Bruce Trail hikes in one important respect. Rather than hiking as a single group with a designated leader, hikers are free to hike at their own pace, either individually or with other participants. We do try to have an official “end-person” (sweep) on each day, but there is no “leader.” There are “checkpoints” every 7-10 km along the way with water and snacks

  • Can I follow the Trail without a lot of problems?

While the Trail through the Caledon Hills section is clearly blazed and easy to follow, it is helpful (but not essential) to have up-to-date maps of the Caledon Hills section (preferably the 29th Edition of the Bruce Trail Reference) and be familiar with the blazing system, as described in section III-4 of the Reference or on the Bruce Trail website http://brucetrail.org/pages/trail/using-the-trail. If you are not that familiar with the trail, it is recommended that you walk together with other hikers who are walking at the same pace as you. You will be following the trail marked by white blazes. These painted rectangles are 15 cm high and 5 cm wide and can usually be found on trees and signposts.  Blue blazes are for side trails.  Only follow white blazes.  If you do happen to stroll off the trail, go back the same way you came until you see the white blazes, and then carry on. If you try any other way you will probably get more lost.

If you do not pass through a checkpoint after a reasonable time, we will send someone to look for you.

  • Where do we meet?

All hikers meet at the end point of each day’s hike. The bus will leave at 9:00 am sharp (8:00 am for the 2-day event) to take everyone to the starting point of the hike. Everyone hikes back to his or her car. It is recommended that you arrive at the meeting point, at least 20 minutes early each day. Refer to the “Meeting Places and Hike Agenda Information Sheet” document (provided upon registration) for specific locations.

  • What should I bring with me?

As there will be checkpoints approximately every 7- 10 km along the route serving liquid refreshments and light snacks. Please bring your own cup (to save on disposals), your own lunch, some water and your regular day hiking gear.

  • Any suggestions about accommodation?

If you wish to stay overnight in the area, check out the tourism and accommodation areas of the Hills of Headwaters website: http://headwaters.ca/


Check the Bruce Trail Conservancy website:



The closest campground is Albion Hills Conservation Area, 16500 Hwy 50, about 8 km north of Bolton. For information contact the Conservation Authority at 905-280-2287 or https://trca.ca/parks/albion-hills-campground/.

  • How much does it cost?

Cost for the three-day event is $25, the two-day event is $20, and single day is $10. It is possible to pay by a cheque made out to “Caledon Hills BTC” and mailed to Sandy Green before October 1 or by an Interac E-transfer (details provided upon registration).

  • What parts of the Trail are covered each day for the 3-day series of hikes?

The Saturday hike is approx. 25.8 km from the north end of the Caledon Hills section just east of Mono Centre to the Tai Chi Centre (km 70.2, Map 19 – approx. km 44.4, Map 18). This hike goes through Hockley Valley. At an average speed of 4 km / hour, you are looking at about 6-7 hours of hiking (including a stop for lunch and other breaks). There are checkpoints at 11 km and 19 km. It is possible to drop out at any checkpoint. The checkpoint volunteers will give you a ride back to your car, after all the hikers have passed through.

Sunday’s hike is approx. 20.9 km from the start of the Caledon Section (Creditview Rd near the Cheltenham Badlands), down the Devil’s Pulpit, through Forks of the Credit park and finishing with some road work along Escarpment Rd (km 0.0, Map 14 – km 20.9, Map 15). Checkpoints are at 10 km and 19 km.

On Monday, the hike is approx. 23.5 km. It begins at Heart Lake Rd/ Escarpment Rd with a few km of road at the start, then through Glen Haffy and back to the Tai Chi Centre. Checkpoints are at 7 km and 14 km. (km 20.9, Map 16 – approx. km 44.4, Map 18)

For each of the three days the bus departs at 9:00 am. You should be hiking by 9:20 am. Average hikers should finish between 3:00 – 4:00 pm.

  • What parts of the Trail does the 2-day End-to-End cover?

The Saturday hike is 38.6 km from the north end of the Caledon Hills section on County Rd 8 just east of Mono Centre (km 70.2, Map 19). This hike descends through the Hockley Valley. After crossing Hockley Rd, you traverse through South Hockley, pass through the Glen Haffy Conservation Area, and end at the corner of Finnerty Side Rd and Innis Lake Rd (km 31.6, Map 17) Checkpoints are at 11, 19 and 28 km.

The Sunday hike is 31.6 km from the beginning of the Caledon Hills section on Creditview Rd near the Cheltenham Badlands, down the Devil’s Pulpit and through the very scenic Forks of the Credit Park. Then there are some road sections interspersed with pleasant wooded trail until you get back to your parked car at Finnerty Side Rd and Innis Lake Rd (km 31.6, Map 17 ). Checkpoints are at 9, 18 and 23 km.

  • Are there “cut-off” times? Yes.

2-day hikers:

  • Saturday – Airport Rd/7th Line by 4:00 pm
  • Sunday – Escarpment/Heart Lake Rd by 4:00 pm3-day hikers:
  • Monday – Coolihans Side Rd by 3:00 pm


If you have any further questions please contact Sandy Green:mobile: 416-317-3689  sgreenhikes@gmail.com


Map references from Bruce Trail Reference Maps and Trail Guide, Edition 29.


Registration is limited.


For more information about the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club visit www.caledonbrucetrail.org.


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