B & B Outing

Thanks to all participants and volunteers for making the 2016 Fall B&B Outing a success! 


Fall Bed & Breakfast Hike Outing

October 23 and 24, 2017
2 days hiking in Maps 29, 30 & 32


Monday, October 23:  Sydenham Section, 
Silent Valley Nature Reserve and Bognor Marsh, Maps 29 & 30, Ed 28
The hike is 12 km. at a medium pace over moderate terrain.
Depart: 9.30 am, Km 29.7, corner of Regional Rd. 18 and the 4th Concession. Parking is located at the NW corner.
Coordinates: N 44.538525, W 80.782217. We will car pool to our starting point on 2nd Concession.
Hike Description:  This loop hike in the Silent Valley Nature Reserve and Bognor Marsh has both geological and historical features of interest. The remains of the Wilson Homestead and the wreckage of a Cessna crash in 1970 are detailed in Ron Savage’s booklet “The Silent Valley”.


Tuesday, October 24th:  Sydenham Section,
Harrison Park and Palisades Side Trails and Inglis Falls, Map 32
We will hike the Harrison Park Side Trail, the Palisades Side Trail and do a there and back to Inglis Falls; hiking distance approximately 9 km.
Depart:  Harrison Park where there is free parking.


A group dinner will be organized in Owen Sound on Monday evening.


Hike Leaders:  Susan Atkinson and Louise Carberry.


Please register with Louise at:  louise.carberry@rogers.com by October 6th.