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Common Buckthorn
Common Buckthorn

Invasive Species Workshop

Saturday, April 18, 2020
Inglewood Community Centre
15825 McLaughlin Rd,
8:30 a.m. – noon

The Biodiversity Team will hold a workshop on the invasive species found along the Trail, aimed primarily at land owners, land stewards, hike leaders and trail captains, but open to all members. Attendees will learn how to identify key invasives and what to do when such plants are found. The goal is to develop a strategy to preserve the native plants that make a hike on the Trail such a joyful immersion in nature.

Native plants are at risk of being pushed out by invasive species like Garlic Mustard, Common Buckthorn, Dog Strangling Vine and Japanese Knotweed. These plants spread rapidly and eliminate competitors by various means. Some are easily removed, others are not. The hope of the Team is to map the locations of invasives, enlisting the eyes of those who use the Trail and surrounding areas on a regular basis. Knowing where these plants are is an important step in dealing with them. Trail users need to know what to look for, who to notify, and how to prevent the spread. Workshop participants will also learn how to remove and/or make harmless some of these invaders. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to meet each other and create an organized approach to the problem.

Don’t miss this chance to learn and be part of the solution! We will be joined by BTC board and staff members, including CEO Michael McDonald. Ecologists Adam Brylowski & Brian Popelier, plus a special guest, will be presenters. There will be handouts and time to network. Refreshments will be provided.

Pre-register by April 8th by contacting Jan Smith-Bull by email:!

We look forward to seeing you there

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