Lots To Do At The 2017 CHBTC AGM!

Many of us have heard the term Annual General Meeting, or AGM, but not really understood what it was.  Simply put, an AGM is where the members of an organization get together at a business meeting to elect board members, make decisions, and review reports on the organization’s activities of the past year.  If you’ve … Read more

Exceptional Contributions

From it’s beginning, the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) has, and continues to, rely on the numerous hours and efforts of many volunteers for its exceptional success. While every volunteer plays an essential role in supporting the Bruce Trail, some are able to go above-and-beyond, or make great contributions over many years. The BTC presents a … Read more

End-to-Ends Throughout the Year

An End-to-End for a hiker of the Bruce Trail is the completion of the entire main trail on foot, after which you’ll have earned a badge to proudly announce to all that you did this!  You can also complete shorter End-to-Ends of the Bruce Trail, where you hike all of the main trail in any of the nine club sections. … Read more

Dreaming Of A Spring Getaway

It seems to be that time of year when many of us are getting cabin fever and thinking longingly about warmer weather.  Sometimes that longing results in us chasing the sun and making a winter getaway down south.  But sometimes it results in looking forward to the sun’s return and planning a spring getaway! One … Read more

On the Trail with (Almost) New Shoes

On New Year’s Day I went on my second snowshoe hike – and I loved it!  You may recall that the start to the year was a bright, sunny day, and up in the Hockley Valley, there was definitely enough snow to hike the trail with snowshoes.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I … Read more

Spring Hikes Now Listed

While some of us are still hoping to enjoy quite a few more weeks of winter outdoor activities, I know many of you are eager to see the cold, snow and ice go.  You’ll be happy then, that Wiarton Willie (up near the trail in Wiarton!) has predicted an early spring, and we’ve just published our … Read more

The Trail From A New Perspective

There has long been an association between music and nature.  Music concerts in the park, relaxing music recorded with sounds from nature, and classical music inspired by nature are just a few of those connections.  Now, the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (HPO) is partnering with the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) in a unique event to celebrate this … Read more

Tuesday Hikers Don’t Miss a Step

Our Tuesday Hikers always have something to be proud of.  In 2016, though, one of their accomplishments was offering a Tuesday hike just about all year round!

This was only possible because of the hike leaders who stepped forward to plan hikes and fill openings in the schedule.  Last year, the Tuesday Hikers were fortunate to have more hike leaders come on board, which was thanks in part to the Hike Leader Training course.

Our records for this hiking group give us some interesting insights into last year’s hikers and the hiking season.  It turns out that the hot and dry summer weather kept hiking attendance numbers low, but then hikers took advantage of the beautiful fall hiking weather, when we saw weekly Tuesday hike attendance in the mid 20s, with a couple of Tuesdays numbering in the low 30s!  The popularity of the Tuesday hiking group has grown, with 2016’s weekly attendance averaging 18.

Among the Tuesday Hikers’ other accomplishments in 2016, were that most of those participating in Tuesday hikes were also Bruce Trail members, and that this group raised $846 for the Bruce Trail Conservancy through their loonie fund.

For more stories and info on this enthusiastic hiking group, check out their page on our website!

Info from:  Rob Martin

Hike Leader Training courses are conducted for the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club by Hike Ontario periodically throughout the year.  Interested in becoming a hike leader for any day of the week?  Watch our website for upcoming opportunities.

The Value of Good Relationships

Most hikers walk the Bruce Trail without ever considering the process by which a route was created.  The more I learn about this process, though, the more amazed I am!  The first part of the process is having land on which to put a trail.  The Bruce Trail Conservancy has an aggressive land acquisition program … Read more

Winter Hiking Tips

With winters so long in Canada, if you don’t get out on the trail during the season, you’re missing out on a lot of hiking time. And with the leaves on the trees gone, you’re also missing out on seeing new views along the trail! When hiking in winter, it’s important to keep in mind … Read more