Annual General Meetings

The Coronavirus did it to us again! Our 2020 Annual General Meeting, traditionally held
at Caledon Village Place on the first Sunday in April, was cancelled. However, our
erstwhile President Marilyn Ross took the bull by the horns and came up with a solution,
and we were able to hold our first ever online membership vote to secure a Board of
Directors for the 2020-2021 year.

All club members were emailed the slate of candidates and also given links to the AGM
reports which can be found below. A highlight taken from the Treasurer’s report: In
2019, the club donated $20,000.00 to the Bruce Trail Conservancy, making our
cumulative donation an outstanding $169,000.00 at December 31, 2019!

Unfortunately, we were not able to enjoy the hike which was to be led this year by Gary
Hall, and we were not able to enjoy Hamish Duthie’s presentation about one of his
recent trips. Hopefully we can look forward to enjoying both of these at another club
event down the road.

We are saying goodbye to outgoing Directors Jackie Clark and Julia De Paz and
welcoming new Directors Sheila Kingsborough and Linda Vezina. A full list of the 2020-
2021 Board of Directors can be found here.

    • 2020: Directors’ Package .PDF Contains the following:
      • Minutes of the 2019 Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club (CHBTC) Annual General Meeting (pages 2-3)
      • Reports from your CHBTC Board of Directors (pages 4-29)
      • 2019 Financials and 2020 Budget (pages 5-13)
      • Election of the 2020-2021 CHBTC Board of Directors (page 30)



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