Badlands Are Back!

People love the Badlands in Cheltenham, Ontario. I know this because I’ve received lots of emails, particularly over the past few months, asking about when the site will re-open so that they can visit it again. It’s easy to understand why people are so eager: it’s a spectacular and unique looking landscape of undulating hills of smooth red earth.

Fans of the Badlands have been patiently waiting since 2015 when the site was closed to public access. Hikers have also been waiting patiently since 2017 when the Bruce Trail was rerouted out of the Badlands site. Both groups will be excited to hear that it will re-open on Saturday, September 22, 2018!

The popularity of the Cheltenham Badlands is part of the reason it was closed: an increasing number of visitors caused erosion of the site to accelerate. During the closure, Ontario Heritage Trust worked in partnership with the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, Credit Valley Conservation, the Region of Peel, the Town of Caledon, and the Bruce Trail Conservancy on a number of important works. These included conducting research to monitor the geological and ecological change over time, and implementing conservation improvements to preserve the site, as well as other improvements to enhance your experience when you visit.

You’ll now be able to enjoy new features such as an accessible boardwalk, upgraded trails, and educational and interpretive panels. There will also be a new 33-car pay parking lot and one accessible parking space.

Hikers will be happy to hear that when the Badlands site re-opens on September 22nd, the Main Bruce Trail will once again be routed through the site, and the temporary reroute we’ve had in place since 2017 will no longer be required. There is also a short trail that will connect the Bruce Trail to the accessible boardwalk.

For more information that will help you plan your trip to the Badlands, including a map of the site, visit Credit Valley Conservation at

You can also learn how you can help conserve the Badlands by visiting Ontario Heritage Trust at

The wait is almost over, the Cheltenham Badlands site will be re-opening in only a few days now. Hope to see you on the Trail through the Badlands!

With info from Ontario Heritage Trust.


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